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I started this company as a solution.  A solution to an overworked, heavily stressed, burnt-out workforce whose lives just keep getting busier and busier.  We come to the aid of your team, at your office, and deliver peace & clarity into the work day.  We can design a customized wellness program to fit your particular team's needs or we can teach standard corporate yoga and meditation classes by week or month.  While our specialty is Corporate Wellness, we also lead incredible private beach yoga classes and host unforgettable international yoga retreats!  

But, who am I?  Well, let me introduce myself.  My name is Hayden Goldberg.  I'm a nomadic soul, a writer, a hippie, a teacher, an entrepreneur and a former sales & marketing executive.  I spent over a decade in Corporate America working at a plethora of high profile companies across some of the most influential cities in the country.  In every office, in each city, throughout any company I worked for... same issue.  Disengaged employees.  Turn-style of hiring and resigning.  Constant workers compensation claims.    Employees were desperate to be recognized, appreciated, and cared for by management.  There was a need for wellness initiatives in these corporations, programs designed to better an employee's mental/emotional health.  I wanted to create that wellness company, one that could function perfectly within a corporate setting; a reliable partnership staffed with vetted, certified, professional instructors.  Namaste Anywhere now services the SoCal region as well as leading international retreats and workshops.  Thank you for trusting us with your company, your employees, and most importantly, their health.

Hayden Goldberg
Founder & CEO


San Diego, CA 92109



858 367 0487

Email:  info@namasteanywhere.com


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