Change. Exciting or the Absolute Worst?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Change seems to give most of us that icky feeling. While we might be excited for what's to come, we are also reluctant to let go of the comfort of our current state. But, as they say, no one ever grows in comfort. We rest in comfort, we relax in comfort, we sleep in comfort. We do not evolve in this place of static comfort. We must take that next step, look over the fence to the black hole of the fearful unknown and leap.

We thought it the perfect time to do a soft launch of our new website coupled with this important topic of 'change'.  How does change make you feel?  Maybe you've never paused to think about it, but take a second here.  Think back to your last move, a hurtful breakup, the start of a new job, the loss of a loved one.  These particular monumental life changers, of course,  are accompanied by the pain and heart ache associated with death.  But, there's more to it than just the pain.  These pivotal moments cause us to reevaluate how we see ourselves, how we fit into our own little world.  Change is uncomfortable because we have little grasp of what is expected of us on the other side of it, how we will feel, the ways in which it will affect our every day lives.  We spend most of our existence trying to "get a handle on things", understanding how life works, and progressing towards some end goal.  The irony here is that everything is ever changing.  There is no handle to grab on to for stability.  The sooner we begin to understand this concept, the sooner we can begin to practice a life of detachment.  Appreciating moments, feelings, situations... but comprehending that they will change.  While this may be unsettling to some, think of it this way: when things are going really rotten, you can trust that your situation will, without a doubt, change.  

What are your feelings on change?  Hate it?  Love it?  Share with us!  Email

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