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5 Life-Altering Reasons To Book A Yoga Retreat

With yoga growing in popularity and buzz words like ‘mindfulness’ lining the covers of publications from TIME magazine to scholarly dissertations, it’s no surprise that yoga retreats are becoming a huge trend as we make our way through 2020.  But what’s all the fuss?  Well, if you practice regularly, we’re sure you’ll quickly grasp the following five reasons to consider budgeting in a yoga retreat this year.  If you’re new to yoga, however, or have never practiced before, fret not!  There are tons of retreats geared towards beginners, giving you lots of one on one personal direction to jump start your practice.  So gurus to novices, here are our top 5 reasons joining a yoga retreat will change your life:


Whether your week consists of daily gridlocked work commutes, mounting family drama, or just a normal dose of LIFE- you need a break.  A real break.  A solid amount of time, ideally a weekend or more, to completely recharge.  To be responsible for little to nothing, only thinking about what serves you and your health best in that moment.  Imagine that for a moment: a day that consists of waking up and doing the things you want to do rather than even ONE thing that you need to do.  It’s incredibly freeing and allows you to get back to the essence of who you are before being a mom, a wife, a girlfriend, a boss, a devoted friend, etc.  A yoga retreat, in all its discovery, healing & peace, is a vehicle to get closer to your soul.  


This is an important one.  We hear a lot as we age that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.  Well, just like planting yourself on the couch to sink deeper into the cushions for hours at a time and then noticing it’s hard to physically stand back up, if you hold fast to your current behaviors, thought patterns, & habits, your mind will not grow.  You will “lose” the ability to evolve, expand & improve your existence.  Your life will not change in the way you are hoping.  And, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we crave that change.  Perhaps we are desperate to have our stress & anxiety dissipate from our lives, but we’ve decided it’s impossible.  Well, then you will be right.  But, should you think it is possible, you will also be right.

Finding Your Practice or Deepening Your Existing One

If you have yet to establish a consistent yoga practice, or even practice yoga at all, that’s exactly the reason you should sign up for a retreat.  Imagine being surrounded by the most kind and accepting people while you learn something completely new and beneficial for your health & well-being.  If you already ‘namaste’ on the day to day, a yoga retreat is an opportunity for you to go deeper, unplug from the noise & chatter of life back home, finding a new connection to your passion & purpose.  


While many yoga retreats take place in some of the most scenic locales in the world, we urge you to be mindful- they are often 3rd world countries.  Namaste Anywhere has led many retreats through Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Southeast Asia.  Being afforded the opportunity to step back in time, in class, in priorities, in values… and re-learn what it is to be human and alive.  Our attachment to our wealth, our vanity, & our possessions has proven to cause toxic stress & anxiety in our every day lives.  When we are fortunate enough to glimpse into the lives of our brothers & sisters from other walks of life, we are reminded of the values and priorities that lead to pure joy… and when you boil it down… it’s connection.  Taking pause from our fast-paced daily existence allows us to step back and take inventory of the cause & effect of all things in our lives.


We’ve heard it a million times before, heck we’ve said it a million times before, “I’d love to come but I just can’t afford it”.  For some, that may be true.  But look at your life and your finances honestly.  Can you not afford to give yourself the medicine you need or are you just prioritizing other ‘things’ that are more worthy of your money than you?  A wellness retreat is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.  It carves out time for you to reconnect with who you truly are before all the labels, responsibilities, to-dos, and what not.  If you’re struggling to believe you are worthy, know this, a.) you absolutely are b.) you may need this opportunity more than ever.

Retreat Options

Okay, so you’re ready to pick a retreat!  But, where to start?  First, decide what you’re looking for as far as an end result.  There are retreats geared to women-only, trauma recovery, yoga & meditation, spiritual awakening, addiction recovery, adventure/thrill seekers and so on.  Once you decide on the ‘take away’ you’re hoping for, turn towards destination.  Is there a tropical or historical location you’ve always wanted to visit?  How about your personality?  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Perhaps if you’re more introverted, you’d like to start with a retreat that caps the group at 5 or 6 persons.  The fewer guests at the retreat, the more opportunity for vulnerability & connection.  If you’re more outgoing, it may behoove you to join a retreat of 25-30 to maximize the amount of new friends you can make and form bonds with!  Another important aspect of choosing any retreat is looking at who is leading it, his/her qualifications, background, & reviews!  And when all else fails, trust your gut (or email us and ask!)!


Things we are LOVING right now:

Products: CBD Gummies

As mindful health experts, it is super important for us to monitor what we put into our bodies as much as we monitor what we put into our minds.  For that reason, we’ve been really intrigued by CBD lately.  Gummies, lotions, oils, you name it!  Did you know most CBD contains less than .01% THC, some coming in at 0%?  This means you get the amazing benefits of decreasing anxiety, reducing inflammation, & increasing mental clarity just to name a few!  Stay tuned, we’ll tackle CBD in an upcoming blog post.  For now, we like these gummies the best, but we are always taste and mind testing.  Stay tuned!

Poses: Supine Twist

Who doesn’t love a good floor twist?  Minimal effort, maximum feelings of ‘ahhhhhh’.  In this position, you’ll find yourself with your back down on the yoga mat, knees bend and drop to one side while you outstretch the arms in a ‘T’ shape and look over the opposite shoulder.  Why do we love it?  It releases tension in the lower back, creates elongation through the spine, opens tight shoulders and aids in digestion.  Added bonus, the after effects of this pose mimic a great massage!

Travel Destinations: Sedona

This past January, Sedona stole a piece of our hearts.  The red rocks, the energy vortexes, the scenic & breathtaking hikes, the indigenous culture, the focus on wellness… it felt like we had found our people.  We hope to be announcing a Sedona Wellness Weekend retreat in the near future, but until then, enjoy some discounts through to enjoy on your own.

Charities/Volunteer Opportunities: Center for Women & Children in Crisis

When we’re not teaching mindfulness, studying concepts, practicing yoga or leading retreats, our absolute favorite way to spend our time is in service.  While we’ve found a local Center for Women & Children in Crisis here in Utah that we support and volunteer for, we encourage you to find the service that speaks to you.  We love giving back to our community, especially to the women & children (and often men) who are in the greatest need.  We believe in empowering those who feel like they’ve lost their power.  What lights you up?


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